Other Services


Day of Production

Have an event all planned out, just need some seasoned professionals to run the show day of? We're on it.

Previous work: Saint Paul’s River Balcony (pictured left) - public art installations, live music, craft beer, and scenic views of the city’s most cherished natural resource. Attendees experienced 11 art installations – created by local artists. This event was held along Kellogg Boulevard in Saint Paul, with key gathering places at Union Depot, Kellogg Mall, Saint Paul City Hall, and the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Project Management/ Branding

Need help pulling a project together? If you are an artist who needs help seeing a project through or you need someone to sculpt a project into tip top shape, give us a call.

Previous work: Don't You Feel It Too? (pictured right) - For the project's 10th Anniversary they needed help putting together a year's worth of projects. CI created a timeline, social media plan, marketing materials, and helped rebrand and build a new website.

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If the event needs invitations or promotional materials, we are able to help you out.

Taking inspiration from your event we can create the visuals necessary to help spread the word.