Soft Opening of the Commodore

The glitz and glamor of the 1920's was alive and well at the soft opening of the Commodore Bar and Lounge. WA Frost hired curious incident to bring in the fun as they re-opened the bar after it's beautiful restoration. The historic hotel had fallen into disrepair, but years of careful research and careful renovations brought the building back to its roots and haunting glory.

curious incident researched the storied history of the Commodore; from its opening in 1920, to the notorious gangsters Al Capone and Fred Barker who frequented the bar in the 1930s, to being the home of literary great F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald four years as the author gained in fame, to its recent history after a devastating gas explosion in 1978 that injured 71 people.

Just as the Commodore was restored to full beauty based on the ghosts still roaming the halls, curious incident took from the history to created a night that took you out of 2015 as soon as you walked in the doors. Door greeters in full 1920 costume walked guests into the grand hall, added flair to their costumes with boas, hats and gloves. A retro photo area captured the moments, while butler passed bites and themed cocktails were served to the guests. While mingling and checking out the renovations guests were entertained by a full band, ballroom dancers, retro movies and a dj spinning 1920 records were found in the VIP room, and a game of give and take was in the main bar.

Let us know if you want a retro party of your own.